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Coronavirus Update


Dear Customers & Traders

The current Coronavirus outbreak is causing widespread disruption and misery to all countries worldwide. The UK and Europe is in the midst of a serious outbreak and containment operations are present in almost every country currently. Whilst orders of furniture may not currently be top of people's agendas, below are questions that we hope will answer any queries about the current situation and how it may affect your order(s).


Q. Are your customer services available?

A. Yes, however as of 19th March 2020, our office staff have retreated to working from home. This means that telephone lines will not be manned until staff have returned to their communal workplace. We are working normal hours of 9.00 until 5.30 every weekday and can liaise with you, without delays in responses, via email at [email protected]


Q. Are my orders delayed?

A. Unfortunately the simple answer is yes. Both pre-orders and in-stock orders are delayed and they are entirely out of our control at the current time.  The outbreak in China has seriously delayed production and the European outbreak means that the delivery network is at present, entirely stopped. We are unable to send anything out with the delivery network at the current time and they are no longer accepting further shipments.

The lock downs in major European through routes means that nothing will be mobile until those restrictions are released.


Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. This is a very sensitive subject for all retailers at the moment. Our current terms and conditions still apply and the following are in addition to those normal terms:

 - Any item on pre-order has had its maximum wait time (as per terms and conditions is 16 weeks) extended to 24 weeks. This is because your order is already placed at the factory and may well be in production already. Our ability to deliver it may be delayed but the outlay on behalf of Vertigo Interiors in sourcing your order has already occurred. 


- Items paid for currently in the delivery network. Sadly the answer is no, the reason for delay is that the delivery network simply does not have the current ability to deliver your order at present. Your order is likely sitting in storage somewhere within the delivery network, awaiting trunking and or delivery. All items are already paid and Vertigo has already contracted the courier to deliver your order. Our intention for these orders is to fulfill the contract once the network allows. Any return thereafter is for the customer to complete as per normal terms and conditions.


- Items purchased during the current lock down phase. These can be cancelled but do incur a 2% charge as our payment providers no longer return this amount (their fee) when a payment/order is cancelled and refunded. We do not feel it is appropriate (especially during these testing retail times) that we should incur unnecessary charges for changes of mind that occur during the lockdown phase.


Q. What is your email address

A. [email protected]


We wish all of our customers, traders and visitors the very best of health.