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Bubble Pendant Lamp - Inspired By Designs of Eliana Gerotto

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Available for Pre-Order - For Deposit of Only $50.00

Expected delivery in 6 to 10 weeks

A hanging light source with multiple spheres that will reflect the light and become the centerpiece of your modern environment.

Product Description +

Made from acrylic, the light is re-created and then reflected in each bubble, at which point, diffused light will illuminate your space. Our Gerotto inspired piece is suspended, on steel wires, and appears to float in your chosen spot. Almost 20 inches in circumference and 16 inches high, the transparent spheres are acrylic and have a stainless steel frame. We provide you with over six feet of steel wire so you can customize your height to meet your illuminating needs.

Specification +

Bubble Pendant Lamp features: 

Stainless steel frame, Durable acrylic individual balls

Adjustable steel hanging wire with max height of 6.5 feet


15.7” H x 19.7” W x 19.7” D 

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Bubble Pendant Lamp - Inspired By Designs of Eliana Gerotto
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