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Rain Ceiling Lamp - Original Design By Vertigo Interiors

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Available for Pre-Order - For Deposit of Only $50.00

Expected delivery in 6 to 10 weeks

The Rain ceiling lamp is a unique modern variation for a functional light. Is it a ceiling lamp or an understated chandelier? It’s a little bit of both worlds in a unique package.

Product Description +

It’s actually a light source that cascades down like rain with various shaped bubbles. The ceiling lamp that has an aesthetic sense. When it’s off, it is a dangling sculpture, when it’s on, it’s a cascading light source. The rain lamp has a stainless steel frame and has dangling glass bubbles. The bubbles come down almost 2 feet, to 23.4 inches, from the ceiling. The circumference of the lamp base is 19.5 inches, so the lamp is a suitable light source for a room or office. “Rain” is a minimal lamp design that will work well in a traditional or a modern setting.

Specification +

Rain Lamp features:

Stainless steel frame

Glass bubble strings


23.4" H x 19.5" W x 19.5" D

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Rain Ceiling Lamp - Original Design By Vertigo Interiors
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