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Bibendum Leather Eileen Gray Style Arm Chair

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Eileen Gray's 1929 Bibendum Chair design is unique. Not just uniquely stylish, but uniquely comfortable too. And yes, it was inspired by the Pirelli Michelin Man!

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One look and you know this is going to be amazingly comfortable. Those huge padded leather strips are made for sinking into. You can curl right into this chair and revel in its plush comfort. And let’s not forget style. This is one of those “oh-my-gosh-where did-you-get-it-I-want-one” kind of pieces. It still looks modern; it still takes the breath away. One of the twentieth century’s most impressive designs made anew for the twenty first.

Specification +

The Bibendum Chair is made with full Italian leather on high density foam.

The base is made from tubular stainless steel


73 x 90 x 83 cm

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Bibendum Leather Eileen Gray Style Arm Chair
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